Our Mission

An_elephant_with_his_mahout_attacked_by_a_spearman_on_horse.The Equine Heritage Institute (EHI), the sponsor of this site, has as its mission to educate, celebrate, and preserve the history of the horse and its role in shaping civilizations and changing lives.

We have had over 6000 years of history with the domesticated horse and wheeled transportation and only 100 years with the automobile. As early as 30,000 years ago man recorded images of the horse on the walls of caves. The horse, as we know it today, came to the Americas as little as 500 years ago and has had a major impact on the development of the Western Hemisphere. EHI puts forth this virtual Equine History Museum to tell the story of man’s long association with the horse and its impact on culture and civilizations.

The biomechanics and digestive system of the horse have made it an ideal companion for use in warfare, transportation, agriculture, industry, communication, and recreation. The horse, when linked with mechanical advantage of the wheel, set forth spiraling development for millennium. Today we are just beginning to understand man’s human biochemical reaction of this association with the horse and recognize for its benefits to typical, disadvantaged, and handicapped persons.

From ancient time and the use of the chariot horse, to the modern day use of the horse in recreation and therapy, civilizations have been impacted by the partnership of horse and man. It is our hope that schools and universities will now recognize the benefit of the horse in the comprehensive education of our generations to come.

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